Crest Royal Apartments

Welcome to Crest Royal, a luxurious 12-story residence nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Nob Hill in San Francisco. Our spacious apartments make it the perfect place to call home. With spacious floor plans, you’ll have ample room to live, work, and entertain. The well-appointed interiors feature modern finishes and high-quality materials, creating an atmosphere of elegance and refinement.

At Crest Royal, we prioritize your convenience and security. Our doormen provide a warm welcome and ensure the safety of residents and their guests. Our dedicated onsite property staff is available to address any maintenance needs or inquiries promptly, ensuring a seamless living experience.

Nestled in the prestigious neighborhood of Nob Hill, you’ll find yourself within close proximity to upscale shopping, fine dining, and cultural attractions. The convenience of nearby public transportation options makes exploring the vibrant city of San Francisco a breeze. Schedule a tour today and make your dream of refined living a reality.

Apartments up to 1,675 Square Feet

Crest Royal Apartments offers you large, spacious apartment living with stunning bay views from historic Nob Hill.

Apartment Amenities

  • 24-hour doorman.
  • Valet one-car garage parking.
  • Heating, water, and basic cable package included.
  • Secure package and delivery service.
  • On-site laundry facilities.
  • On-site property manager
  • Dedicated maintenance staff with on-site handyman available Monday through Friday.
  • Available storage units.

Breathtaking Nob Hill Views

Crest Royal treats you to a panoramic vista that captures the essence of the city. Enjoy captivating blend of urban energy, natural splendor, and architectural beauty. It’s a visual feast that encapsulates the essence of San Francisco, making it a truly special place to call home.

10 Reasons To Live In Nob Hill

  • Stunning views: Nob Hill offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, the Bay, and the surrounding areas. Living in this neighborhood allows you to enjoy panoramic vistas and the iconic San Francisco scenery.
  • Historic Charm: Nob Hill is known for its rich history and elegant architecture. Many of the neighborhood’s buildings are beautiful Victorian and Edwardian homes, giving it a distinct and charming character.
  • Safety: Nob Hill is considered a relatively safe neighborhood in San Francisco. The presence of hotels, high-end residences, and a generally affluent community contributes to a sense of security..
  • Community Feel: Despite its upscale reputation, Nob Hill maintains a strong community spirit. Residents often engage in local events, neighborhood associations, and social gatherings.
  • Upscale Lifestyle: The neighborhood is known for its upscale living. It is home to luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and exclusive clubs. Living in Nob Hill offers access to a refined and sophisticated lifestyle.
  • Central Location: Nob Hill is centrally located in San Francisco, making it convenient to access other parts of the city. It is within walking distance or a short commute to downtown, Union Square, North Beach, Chinatown, and other popular areas.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Nob Hill is well-served by amenities such as grocery stores, boutique shops, cafes, and fitness centers. Polk Street, one of the main commercial corridors in the neighborhood, offers a variety of shops and dining options.
  • Cultural Attractions: Nob Hill is located close to cultural attractions like the Cable Car Museum, Grace Cathedral, and the famous Fairmont Hotel. There are also nearby theaters, art galleries, and museums to explore.
  • Proximity to Parks: Nob Hill is within walking distance to beautiful parks, such as Huntington Park and Washington Square Park. These green spaces provide opportunities for relaxation, exercise, and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Accessible Public Transportation: The neighborhood has convenient access to public transportation, including cable cars and buses. This makes it easier to navigate the city without relying heavily on a car.

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